Servant Teams

Servant Teams are comprised of students that serve the movement of Cru in all kinds of areas. If you’re ready to take the next step in getting involved with Cru, we would love for you to consider joining one of these teams. Each of the teams is described in detail below.

Joining a Servant Team is great for:

  • Getting to know more people in Cru
  • Growing in your faith
  • A way to make a difference at UNC
  • Contributing to Cru’s mission on campus
  • A potential pathway to future leadership positions

To inquire about joining one of these teams, e-mail, and we’ll get you connected!

Go Team

Within Cru, we strive to move towards our community to create safe spaces for people to encounter and respond to God. In order to achieve. that goal, we maintain an outward focus that engages with the community. That leads us to go forward to the world around us – starting locally at UNC. We may begin in Chapel Hill, but we ultimately hope for a national and global impact. Following the example of Jesus’ ministry on earth, we strive to usher in both spiritual and physical restoration for our fallen world.  Through. the power of the Holy Spirit, we want to point people to Christ as the ultimate healer and provider, seeking to imitate Him in the world and action. 

Contact interns Carter for more info: 

Weekly Meeting Team

Help execute the weekly Thursday night Cru meeting! This encompasses everything from running PowerPoint, hauling the sound system, playing in the band, and helping with name tags or the info table. It is a big production and always needs a helping hand.

Contact intern Ryan E. for more info:

Grow Team

We believe that God has created us for deep relationship with Him and others. In the spirit of that, the Grow Team is responsible for creating environments and events that draw people together and allow people to meaningfully connect with one another. The Grow Team also focuses on prayer,  which is the bedrock of our movement. We desire to regularly resource, plan, and challenge ourselves and others to rely on the Lord through prayer. 

Contact interns Andrew or Marie for more info: 

Digital Strategies Team

Contact Kelly for more info: