Community Groups

Our Community Groups take place all over campus, and for students from every class and background. These small group Bible studies are the true “heartbeat” of our ministry. We hope that you will find a home with some people who are also trying to figure out what it looks like to walk with God in college, to explore the Bible, and to live life to the fullest.

First-Year Girls – South Campus

Anneliya, Lilly W, Brylee, Maddie Grace

First-Year Girls – North Campus

Lilly M, Savannah, Sydney

FirstYear Girls: Granville

Olivia, Caitlin, Madison

First Year Guys: South Campus


Granville Freshmen and Sophomore Guys

Ryan E, Simon

Sophomore Guys

Andrew, Luke, Keenan, Ryan K

North Campus Sophomore Girls

Annaleigh, Charlie, Courtney

Mid Campus Sophomore Girls

Kelsey & Madison

Morrison Sophomore Girls

Clara, Claire, Kiersten

Rams Village Sophomore Girls

Marie, Lindsey

Granville Sophomore Girls

Taryn & Shay

Upperclassmen Study

Erin Smith

Sundays 7:45-9pm @ the Study Center (203 Battle Lane)