Andrew and Jeanette White

Andrew and Jeanette are both UNC alums and met one another while serving on staff with Cru. Andrew is the Campus Director of Cru here. They are perfect for each other because Andrew loves cold weather and the mountains and Jeanette the beach in summer! They have lived in Chapel Hill for over ten years now and have two beautiful little girls, Madelyn and Anna Lewis.

Josh and Erin Smith

Josh and Erin have been on staff for 10 years. They enjoy chasing their son Harrison, eating at Armadillo Grill, and watching Carolina sports. Josh is from Kansas, is a “meatatarian” and loves learning how to fix or build anything. Erin is from Charlotte and loves UNC basketball and spending time at the beach. Their hearts were captured by Jesus during their undergrad years, and they believe these four years are highly influential in a person’s life.

Kelly Haywood

Kelly is the co-leader of Cru with Andrew. She and her husband Mark love all things UNC and are proud patrons of their local Chick-Fil-A. They met through Cru at UNC, and fun fact, their first date was at a Papa John’s in East Asia. 


Miles is the leader of Greek Life. He is married to Emme and is the father of Camryn, Sadie and Hudson. They love working with college students and think that there is no better job out there!
Sarah graduated from UNC in 2014 and joined staff with Cru that summer. She graduated with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations, and loves meeting girls on North Campus. She loves spending time with college students and often likes to pretend she still is one. 
Christy graduated recently from Carolina and is an intern with us at Cru this year. We are so glad she is sticking around. She’s from Winston-Salem, NC and is very proud to be a native of Krispy Kreme’s birthplace. She loves watching sports with friends and has a love-hate relationship with running. She’d love to hear from you and connect with you. 



Erin is a brand new grad from UNC and will be doing a yearlong internship with Greek Life. This year her hope is that she can be a resource & a friend to sweet girls in the Greek system who have recognized their desires for Jesus.



Peyton graduated from UNC in 2017 but is sticking about UNC because he loves it so much! He was a double major in Economics and Sport Administration and he has some pretty hot takes about sports so feel free ask him about them.