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Welcome to CRU at UNCgray line

Encounter & Respond

Christianity today is pretty confusing, right?  There are so many people out there saying they have found the “right” version. At the same time, Christians are often known for what they are against, not what they are for. That's why we choose the words “Encounter & Respond”. At Cru, we are on a journey together to Encounter Jesus and Respond to Him with all of our hearts. We don't have all the answers; in fact, we will probably get some of them wrong. But we think that God—in His great mercy—has chosen to reveal Himself through the Bible and that a life-giving relationship with Him is available. We believe that is what He created us for! If you are looking to get to know God, grow closer to God or be used by God in this world, we hope you'll check us out.  These are the things that we are looking for as well.