Community Groups

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Fall 2018 Community Groups start Tuesday, August 21st! They will be held in most every area of campus. Come check ’em out. 
Time and Locations after the 21stare subject to change, contact a leader first to double-check 🙂
North Campus

North+Mid Campus Sophomore – Senior guys: 

North+Mid Campus Sophomore – Senior girls: 

North+Mid Campus Freshmen guys: 

North+Mid Campus Freshmen girls: 

Ehaus and Koury

Ehaus Freshmen girls: 

Koury Freshmen girls: 

Ehaus Freshmen guys: 

Ehaus Sophomore girls: 

Ehaus and HJ Upperclassmen girls: 

Hinton James and Horton

Horton Freshmen girls: 

HJ/Horton Freshmen guys: 

HJ Freshmen girls: 

Granville Towers

Granville Freshmen girls

Granville sophomores girls

Granville guys


Craige Freshmen girls: 

Craige Freshmen guys: 

Craige Upperclassmen girls:  



Impact and Destino

IMPACT Bible Study: 

Destino Bible Study: