Servant Teams

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Servant Teams are comprised of students that serve the movement of Cru in all kinds of areas. If you’re ready to take the next step in getting involved with Cru, we would love for you to consider joining one of these teams. Each of the teams is described in detail below.
Joining a Servant Team is great for:
• Getting to know more people in Cru
• Growing in your faith
• A way to make a difference at UNC
• Contributing to Cru’s mission on campus
• A potential pathway to future leadership positions
To inquire about joining one of these teams, e-mail and we’ll get you connected!
Campus Relations Team
If you went to Fall Fest you know UNC has a lot of organizations! The Campus Relations team seeks out partnerships with those campus organizations in order that we may find common ground and serve the needs of UNC, Chapel Hill, and the community.
All the events and happenings within Cru need to be promoted. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, but often we need more than that. Publicity team uses social media, our website, flyers, graphic design, video editing, etc to get the word out about what Cru is up to.
Community Team
The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone and sometimes the best bonding happens outside of the usual Bible study or Cru meeting settings. This team creates fun social events that anyone can come to simply to enjoy one another and spark new friendships.
Outward Impact Team
We don’t just want to sit and wait to see who comes to a Cru meeting or a Bible Study, we want to intentionally pursue even the people that might never come to a traditional “Christian event.” The Outward Impact team will strategize some events to reach those types and provide opportunities for those in Cru to get outside of our Christian safe cliques and have an impact on campus.
Prayer Team
Prayer is one of the foundations of the Christian life and we want to make it a priority here on campus. This team does not have to be full of prayer experts, but simply willing to put energy into growing their own prayer lives and create some momentum for prayer within Cru.
Weekly Meeting Team
Help execute the weekly Thursday night Cru meeting! This encompasses everything from running PowerPoint, hauling the sound system, playing in the band, and helping with name tags or the info table. It is a big production and always needs a helping hand.