Welcome to UNC! For more about our organization, our staff, or our statement of faith, check out “Who Are We.” UNC can be a big place to find a place to belong and thrive, but we hope to make it easy for you to find your way with us. Here a couple of the best ways students have ‘plugged in’ over the years with us: 

-Find a community group where you live on or off campus. Our hope is to have groups for guys and girls led by students and staff all across campus no matter who you are. We have students leaders and staff that would love to get to know you and help you find your way. In addition to meeting weekly to study the bible, these groups are great sources of connection, community, and friendship. 

-Drop by our weekly meeting. Though the time and location sometimes changes (check out the “Events” page to make sure), you can usually find us in Genome Science Building 101 on Thursday nights at 7:30pm starting the first week of class. Cru’s weekly meeting is our – you guessed it! – weekly time to gather together as a group. When you get there, say hi to the person next to you or, even better, sift through the masses and drop by our big tent to meet us or get more info. 

-Email a Cru staff. We would love for you to get in touch with one of us. Our staff are full-time on campus five days a week and work at or near your dorms and classrooms. Questions about faith, the bible, Christianity? Struggling with some of life’s big issues? Searching? While we don’t have it all together, we understand the pressures and realities of life and UNC and we’d be happy to grab coffee or lunch with you, listen, and offer our help. 

-Finally, check out some of our “Events” over the course of the semester, be it our Hoedown and pig pickin’, Fall Retreat in September, Winter Conference over Christmas break, apologetics forums on campus, or much more.